Weak Presence of Women in Microelectronics: Analysis and Suggestions of the French Training Network to be More Attractive


  • Olivier André Bonnaud GIP-CNFM




Microelectronics, Electrical engineering, Low presence of wom-en, French strategy


The engineering sciences, and more particularly microelectronics, are a field where the presence of women is very low, although they should logically account for half of the staff. The electronic and microelectronics sector is growing rapidly due to the development of the Internet and connected objects more generally known as the digital society. Industrialists in the field are lacking in skills and have a large number of job vacancies which are difficult to fill. These jobs cover almost all the professional facets that are entitled " Skilled manpower shortage". The arrival in this sector of a large number of female candidates could reduce this deficit and increase the sector's capacity for innovation through their difference of appreciation on many societal aspects. This paper discusses and analyses the presence of French young women in science studies from secondary school to doctorate level by linking this behavior to societal aspects. It then proposes approaches that are currently being carried out by the national academic network at the French level with the profession in the context of the implementation of an electronic sector by the government. These approaches aim to limit the loss of female candidates to other fields and to increase the attractiveness for young girls.






Special Section on SBMicro2020