Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation of Hole Transport in SiGe Alloys


  • Caroline dos Santos Soares Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul
  • Gilson Inácio Wirth Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4990-5113
  • Alan Rossetto
  • Dragica Vasileska




Ensemble Monte Carlo, hole transport, scattering mechanism, dispersion relation.


This paper employs Ensemble Monte Carlo method to simulate transport of holes in SiGe alloys. A three-band model was employed to describe the valence band of these alloys. The nonparabolicity and the warping effect of the heavy-hole and light-hole bands were considered in their dispersion relation, while the split-off band was described as parabolic and spherical. We consider phonon and alloy disorder scattering in these calculations. The mobility of holes for a range of SiGe al-loys was calculated at 300K. The simulation mobility results agree with the experimental data, implying that the selected transport model for holes in SiGe alloys is adequate.

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