Temperature, Silicon Thickness and Intrinsic Length Influence on the Operation of Lateral SOI PIN Photodiodes


  • Edson José Rodrigues FEI
  • Michelly de Souza




Silicon-on-insulator, PIN diodes, Photodetector, Responsivity, Total quantum efficiency


This work presents an analysis of the influence of the intrinsic length region (Li) and the thickness of the silicon film (tSi) on the performance of lateral thin-film SOI PIN photodiodes when illuminated by low wavelengths, in the blue and ultraviolet (UV) range. The experimental measurements performed with the wavelengths of 396 nm, 413 nm, and 460 nm in a temperature range of 100 K to 400 K showed that the optical responsivity of the SOI PIN photodetectors has larger dependence on the incident wavelength than on temperatures variation. Two-dimensional numerical simulations showed the same trends as the experimental results as a function of temperature and as a function of wavelength. Numerical simulations were used to investigate the responsivity and total quantum efficiency of PIN SOI photodetectors with intrinsic length region ranging from 5 µm to 30 µm and silicon film thickness ranging between 40 nm to 500 nm. From the results can be concluded that by properly choosing Li and tSi it is possible to optimize PIN SOI photodiodes performance for detecting specific wavelengths.






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