Evaluation of De-Embedding Methods for Impedance Characterization of Magnetic Nanoparticles


  • Rafael Cortês de Medeiros Unicamp
  • Marcos V. Puydinger dos Santos
  • Leandro Manera




De-Embedding, Measurements, Vector Network, Analyzer, Thru-Short-Open, Magnetic nanoparticles


Data storage and memory access has been, over the years, a technological issue due to the big volume of digital information. High-frequency magneto-transport in ferromagnetic nanoparticles may be used to deal with nanoscale storage devices, which requires an adequate electrical and magnetic characterization in the frequency domain. In this work, we fabricate ferromagnetic nanoparticles on top of platinum electrodes using focused-electron-beam induced +deposition (FEBID) method. Electrical characterization was performed using a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). After these measurements, three de-embedding methods were applied: Open De-Embedding (OPD), Open-Short De-Embedding (OSD) and the Thru-Short-Open De-Embedding (TSOD) methods. We could observe that Thru-Short-Open De-Embedding provides good accuracy for evaluating the scattering parameters and to compensate the electrodes (fixture) signal due to the high frequencies behavior of ferromagnetic nanoparticles. The results will be useful to characterize ferromagnetic nanodisks used in data storage devices.