Physical Insights on the Dynamic Response of SOI n- and p-Type Junc-tionless Nanowire Transistors


  • Rodrigo Trevisoli Doria Centro Universitario FEI
  • Renan Trevisoli Universidade Federal do ABC
  • Michelly de Souza Centro Universitário FEI
  • Marcelo Antonio Pavanello Centro Universitário FEI



Junctionless Transistors; Transient Response; Transit Time


This work evaluates, for the first time, the roles of the intrinsic capacitances and the series resistance on the dynamic response of p- and n-type Junctionless Nanowire Transistors. The dynamic behavior evaluation will be carried out through the analysis of the limitation imposed by such parameters on the maximum oscillation frequency (fmax). In the sequence, it will be shown the impacts of fmax and the carriers’ transit time on the minimum switching time presented by JNTs. It has been observed that Junctionless devices present lower fmax than inversion mode transistors of similar dimensions due to higher resistance and lower transconductance. However, the intrinsic capacitances of such devices are smaller than the inversion mode ones, which compensates part of the degradation on fmax caused by the other parameters. Besides that, it is shown that transit time can be important on the dynamic behavior of long devices, but plays a negligible role in shorter ones.