Validation of MEMS Based New MicroLPCVD Technique for Thin Films Deposition


  • Ricardo A.R. Oliveira
  • Marcelo N. P. Carreño Laboratório de Microeletrônica, PSI-EPUSP
  • Inés Pereyra



microCVD; microLPCVD, MEMS,


In this work we present and optimized a new microCVD technique to produce thin films for microelectronics devices. The technique was first presented in a recent work and here we successfully utilize to produce microcrystalline Silicon films at 1 Torr and temperatures of 740 oC, utilizing SiH4 as precursor gas. The technique is based on a MEMS micro- heater and presents 3 main advantages: (1) the heating region is very localized, (2) allows to attain easily temperatures as high as 1000 oC) and (3) present very short heating and cooling time. In addition to the fabrication process of MEMS micro-heater, we also present a multiphysics computer simulation study to understand its thermal response of MESM micro-heater and to predicting the final temperatures attainable with the technique.

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