Genetic Algorithm applied to the Functional Verification in Digital Systems


  • Ricardo Augusto Pereira Franco Universidade Federal de Goiás
  • Karina Rocha Gomes da Silva
  • Cássio Leonardo Rodrigues



Functional Verification, VeriSC Methodology, Genetic Algorithms, Functional Coverage


A critical stage of a hardware design is the hardware verification phase. The verification phase corresponds to the biggest bottleneck in a hardware design. The VeriSC methodology is a methodology to perform the hardware verification through of functional verification. In this work, we propose a novel improvement in VeriSC methodology data generation using Genetic Algorithms and feedback approach. The proposed algorithm will modify the data generation of this methodology, whose objective is to reduce the verification time and to improve the generated data. A DPCM and two modules of MPEG-DECODER are used as case studies. The results not only show that the proposed approach can achieve functional coverage with good performance, but also show that the execution time is better or similar to the former method used in VeriSC methodology. These results demonstrate the Genetic Algorithm approach explores the search space better than older approach. The data generation performed can also be used in other methodologies without any problem.