A Noise Generator for Embedded Circuits Testing


  • Maria da Glória Flores
  • Marcelo Negreiros
  • Luigi Carro
  • Altamiro Susin




noise generator, ADC testing


This paper describes the implementation of a white noise generator to be used as the input signal of a new method for testing analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and linear filters. The main goal of this method is to avoid the comparison of the output signal with a known and very precise reference input. The proposed white noise generator is easily implemented, with less complexity than others excitation signals. The use of noise as the input signal avoids concerns about the inherent noise present in all electronic systems. The testing technique is based on the analysis of the spectral response of the CUT output. This paper covers the generation of the excitation signal, as well as simulation and practical results are presented to prove the efficiency of the test method.