Table of contents and Foreword


  • Ricardo Reis
  • Fernando Moraes
  • Pascal Fouillat



Foreword, Table of Contents


The Editorial Board has the satisfaction to launch the second edition of the Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems - JICS. This journal will present state-of-art papers on Integrated Circuits and Systems areas. It is an effort of both Brazilian Microelectronics Society - SBMicro and Brazilian Computer Society - SBC to create a new scientific journal covering the following microelectronic domains: Process and Materials, Device and Characterization, Design, Test and CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems. This second edition includes a selection of papers from SBMicro symposium. We would like to thanks João Antonio Martino that worked as editor of the papers originated from SBMicro and included in this edition. We ask the researches all around the world to submit good papers to consolidate the journal as an international publication composed by a set of attractive and outstanding papers.
The editors