Study of the Drain Leakage Current Behavior in Graded-Channel SOI nMOSFETs Operating at High Temperatures


  • Marcello Bellodi
  • João Antonio Martino



Graded-Channel SOI nMOSFET, Drain Leakage Current, High Temperatures


The theoretical and experimental study of drain leakage current behavior in Graded-Channel ( GC ) SOI nMOSFETs operating at high-temperatures ( up to 300oC ) is analyzed and discussed here. Through the studies it was noticed that drain leakage current depends strongly on the ratio between the length of the lowly doped region and the mask channel length. Also, it was observed that the drain leakage behavior is similar to the conventional SOI nMOSFETs which effective channel length being equal in both structures when the GC SOI nMOSFETs has the same channel doping level in the higher doped region. Numerical bidimensional simulations and experimental data were used in order to compare and discuss all the results.

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