Plasma Parameters Obtained with Planar Probe and Optical Emission Spectroscopy


  • Andre M. Daltrini
  • Stanislav A. Moshkalev
  • Laura Swart
  • Patrick B. Verdonck



Inductively Coupled Plasma, Plasma Diagnostics, Planar Probe, Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Electron Temperature


A planar probe and optical emission spectroscopy were employed to analyze parameters in an inductively coupled plasma (ICP). The analyses were performed in Ar, Ar+SF6 and O2 plasmas at 40 mTorr. Typical probe results indicate an ion current of 10-3 A/cm2 and an electron temperature (high energy tail) between 1-2 eV in measurements at high powers. At low powers a distinct discharge regime is observed, typically with low density (low ion current) and high electron temperature. The optical emission studies also showed the presence of these two regimes. Moreover, the electron temperature determination using this diagnostic is also in good agreement with planar probe results.

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