A Multi-Agent-Based Network-on-Chip Simulator





Network-on-Chip, Multi-Agent Systems, routing algorithms, simulation


Integrated systems have incorporated a variety of functionalities within the same chip, requiring on-chip communication mainly based on the Network-on-Chip (NoC) design paradigm. Complex systems may impose strict requirements concerning performance, power and reliability. Thus, the choice of proper routing algorithms to the on-chip communication for NoCs merits special attention. To assist designers to adjust communication parameters, implement routing algorithms, and check system correctness, simulators become powerful and cost-effective solutions. This article explores Multi-Agent System to develop a high level abstraction NoC simulation environment. The simulator allows designers to evaluate routing algorithms, test alternative configurations and message formats. The simulation provides important measurements
such as rate of utilization of routers, network contention and delay in sending messages. As a case study, the XY and WF routing algorithms were modeled and analyzed. Results highlight the pros and cons of each algorithm, and outline the simulator overall performance.