Stress Analysis on Ultra Thin Ground Wafers


  • Ricardo C. Teixeira
  • Koen De Munck
  • Piet De Moor
  • Kris Baert
  • Bart Swinnen
  • Chris Van Hoof
  • Alexsander Knüettel



Stress, Stoney’s Formula, Grinding, Wafer Thinning


Grinding wafers is a well established process for thinning wafers down to 100 μm for use in smart cards and stacking chips. As a result of the mechanical process, the wafer backside is compressively stressed. In this paper, authors investigate the influence of the backside induced stress in Si wafers thinned down to ~20μm by means of an IR time-of-flight like technique. Such aggressive thinning is a requirement for high density vias interconnect, stacked die packaging and flexible electronics. We found that the thinning process used did not add significant stress value on the thinned wafer.

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