Secure Triple Track Logic Robustness Against Differential Power and Electromagnetic Analyses


  • V. Lomné
  • A. Dehbaoui
  • T. Ordas
  • P. Maurine
  • L. Torres
  • M. Robert
  • R. Soares
  • N. Calazans
  • F. Moraes



Side Channel Attacks, Logic Style, DES, FPGA


Side channel attacks (SCA) are known to be efficient techniques to retrieve secret data. In this context, this paper concerns the evaluation of the robustness of secure triple track logic (STTL) against power and electromagnetic analyses on FPGA devices. More precisely, it aims at demonstrating that the basic concepts behind STTL are valid in general and particularly for FPGAs. Also, the paper shows that this new logic may provide interesting design guidelines to get circuits that are resistant to differential power analysis (DPA) attacks which and also more robust against differential electromagnetic attacks (DEMA).

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