Investigation of the Gate Length and Drain Bias Dependence of the ZTC Biasing Point Instability of N- and P-Channel PD SOI MOSFETs


  • Luciano Mendes Camillo
  • João Antonio Martino
  • Eddy Simoen
  • Cor Claeys



Zero Temperature Coefficient, Temperature dependence, Mobility degradation, Simple Model


This paper presents an analysis of the instability of the Zero Temperature Coefficient (ZTC) as a function of the gate length and drain bias for partially depleted SOI MOSFETs operating at high temperatures (from room temperature up to 573K). The study takes into account temperature dependent model parameters such as threshold voltage and channel mobility. The analytical predictions are in very close agreement with experimental results in spite of the simplifications used for the VZTC model as a function of temperature in the linear and the saturation regime.

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