Preparation and Characterization of Electrodeposited Co/p-Si Schottky Diodes


  • R. Zandonay
  • R. G. Delatorre
  • A. A. Pasa



Electrodeposition, Schottky junction, metal-base transistor, spintronic devices


Schottky diodes were prepared by photoinduced electrodeposition of Co on p-Si, probing the influence of different concentrations of CoSO4 (26 and 104 mM) in the electrolyte on the electrical properties of the metal-semiconductor interface. Current density versus voltage (JxV) and capacitance versus voltage (CxV) measurements were performed in diodes with different Co thicknesses to obtain the barrier heights and ideality factors. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM) were additional techniques used to determine the surface morphology and the magnetic response. Devices with improved electrical properties were observed by increasing the thickness of the metal, i. e., saturation currents with values of about 0.1, ideality factors close to 1.19 and barrier heights of about 0.65 eV were determined.

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