Voltage Controlled Delay Line with Phase Quadrature Outputs for [0.9-4]GHz Factorial Delay Locked Loop Dedicated to Zero-IF Multi-Standard Local Oscillator


  • Cedric Majek
  • Pierre-Olivier Lucas de Peslouan
  • André Mariano
  • Hervé Lapuyade
  • Yann Deval
  • Jean-Baptiste Bégueret




Multi-standard frequency synthesizer, Factorial Delay Locked Loop, Voltage Controlled Delay Element, CMOS-SOI


This paper presents the design and the measurement results of a novel Voltage Controlled Delay
Line (VCDL) dedicated to an original architecture of Delay Locked Loop (DLL): the Factorial Delay
Locked Loop (F-DLL). Based on the multiphase ring oscillator technique, the proposed VCDL offers,
among others, two outputs in phase quadrature. These last ones allow the F-DLL to be zero-IF compliant
and becomes a good candidate for multi-standard local oscillator. The proposed circuit has
been fabricated in a 130nm CMOS-SOI technology from STMicroelectronics. Measurement results
confirm the low quadrature phase error of the topology (inferior to 5°) and the ability of the F-DLL to
synthesize the [0.9-4] GHz band, being suited for GSM up to WIMAX applications, while offering very
interesting performances in term of phase noise and settling time.