Guided SH-SAW sensor based on DWNTs sensitive material for VOCs and humidity detection


  • Hamida Hallil Bordeaux University
  • Q. Zhang
  • Emmanuel Flahaut
  • Jean-Luc Lachaud
  • Philippe Coquet
  • Corinne Dejous
  • Dominique Rebière



Love wave device, gas sensor, SH-SAW platform, CNTs, DWNTs, humidity and VOCs detections.



 This work focuses on the application related to the detection of low moisture and environmental pollutants. A novel gas sensor with inkjet printed Double Walled Carbon Nano Tubes (DWNTs) on a guided SH-SAW (Love wave) sensor platform was developed for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and humidity detection application. The experiments were conducted in real-time at ambient conditions. Results demonstrate the adsorption of vapor compounds on DWNTs sensitive material and leads for example to frequency shifts of 1.97 kHz and 2.93 kHz with 120 ppm of ethanol vapor and 6.22 % RH, respectively. 

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