Impact of Selective Epitaxial Growth and Uniaxial/Biaxial Strain on DIBL Effect Using Triple Gate FinFETs


  • Sara Dereste dos Santos
  • João Antonio Martino
  • Eddy Simoen
  • Cor Claeys



DIBL, Strain, SEG, Triple Gate, FinFET


The influence of Selective Epitaxial Growth (SEG) and the Uniaxial and Biaxial Strain are studied in triple gate FinFETs, analyzing the Drain Induced Barrier Lowering Effect (DIBL). The splits using SEG present better performance for strained devices than the unstrained ones but the inverse is observed for devices without SEG. The DIBL values are higher for SEG devices in all cases. For devices without SEG, the effect of mechanical stress is more pronounced and the mobility is higher in the uniaxially strained devices. These devices have lower VT values in the saturation condition causing the highest DIBL.

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