Oscillation Amplitude Analysis of MOS Hartley Oscillator Using a General Model


  • Sadegh Raiessi Ardali
  • Sajad Ghatreh Samani
  • Babak Arzanifar




Oscillator, MOS Hartley oscillator, Oscillator frequency, Oscillator amplitude


New analytical equations for amplitude analysis of MOS Hartley oscillator are presented. Using exact large-signal circuit analysis, analytical equations for estimating the amplitude of Hartley oscillator are derived that considers all operation regions of transistor; including saturation, triode and cutoff. The analysis is based on a reasonable estimation for the output waveform. The estimated waveform should satisfy the nonlinear differential equations describing the circuit. Using this novel point, we can simply find the unknown parameters of the waveform, especially amplitude. The validity of the resulted equations is verified through simulations using TSMC 0.18 μm CMOS process. The amplitude calculated from this approach has a very good agreement with simulation for a large range of circuit parameters.

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