Low power CMOS full adder design with body biasing approach


  • Manoj Kumar
  • Sandeep K. Arya
  • Sujata Pandey




Body bias, exclusive-OR (XOR), exclusive-NOR (XNOR), full adder design, low power


In this paper, five different low power full adders using XOR/XNOR gates and multiplexer blocks with body biasing have been presented. In the first methodology, the adder depicts minimum power dissipation of 204.09μW and delay of 5.9849 ns. In the second, an improvement in power consumption has been reported at 128.92μW with delay of 5.9875 ns by using voltage biasing of two PMOS (P1 &P2) along with substrate biasing. In the third methodology, adder gives minimum power dissipation of 0.223nW with a delay of 5.2352 ns. Further, in fourth, it shows minimum power consumption of 0.199nW with a delay of 5.1002 ns and finally in fifth methodology, minimum power reduces to 0.192nW.Moreover, power delay product (PDP) results also have been compared for these methodologies. Comparisons have been made with earlier reported circuits and proposed circuits show better performance in terms of power consumption and delay.