A Cellular Automata Based Multi-Process Microfabrication Simulator


  • Fábio B. Colombo
  • Marcelo N. P. Carreño




Cellular automata, simulation, microfabrication


We describe a 3D simulator for several fabrication techniques utilized to create MEMS. The software is based on a cellular automata model and allows the user to simulate several processes, such as anisotropic wet etching in alkaline solutions and deep reactive-ion etching (DRIE) on (100) oriented Si substrates. The simulator allows for arbitrarily shaped masking materials and several processes can be applied in sequence to the same substrate. This enables the software to simulate the fabrication of complex MEMS devices which require more than one etching step. So, we show examples of fabrication processes involving different combinations of substrate wet and plasma DRI etching. Although relatively simple automata were utilized for the simulations, the results are in excellent accordance with reported experimental results. At this moment the simulations do not consider physical parameters affecting the fabrication process, the results shown here are important from an engineering point of view for qualitative analyses. At this moment more sophisticated automata are in development to simulate other processes, like film deposition (with different degrees of anisotropy) on previously etched substrates.

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