Influence of Fin Shape and Temperature on Conventional and Strained MuGFETs’ Analog Parameters


  • Rudolf T. Buhler
  • Renato Giacomini
  • João Antonio Martino



Strain, Non-rectangular Fin, SOI MuGFET, Low Temperature


This work evaluates two important technological variations of Triple-Gate FETs: the use of strained silicon and the occurrence of non-rectangular body cross-section. The anaysis is focused on the electrical parameters for analog applications, and covers a temperature range from 150 K to 400 K. The comparison of the intrinsic voltage gain between the different trapezoidal fin shapes showed that the fin shape can have a major role in some analog parameters than the use of the strained silicon technology, helping to improve those parameters under certain circumstances. The highest intrinsic voltage gains were obtained for strained devices with top fin width larger than bottom at low temperature. Besides the intrinsic voltage gain, were also studied: the threshold voltage, subthreshold swing, drain induced barrier lowering, channel resistance, total harmonic distortion, transconductance, transconductance to drain current ratio, output conductance, Early voltage, drain voltage saturation and unity gain frequency.






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