A High-Efficiency CMOS Rectifier for RF Using Bulk Biasing Control Circuit


  • Tarcisio Oliveira Moraes Junior Centro Universitário Mauricio de Nassau
  • Raimundo Carlos Silvério Freire Federal University of Campina Grande
  • Cleonilson Protásio de Souza Federal University of Paraíba




CMOS rectifier; bulk biasing; power conversion efficiency


In MOSFET-transistor based rectifier circuits, leakage currents occur through both source-bulk and drain-bulk connections of their transistors causing some power dissipation decreasing their efficiency. Such a scenario is more worrying in ultra-low power circuits as those used in energy harvesting. As a solution, in this work it is proposed a control circuit of transistor bulk biasing that switches the bulk bias in an efficient way assuring adequate inversion of the source-bulk and drain-bulk junctions. The rectifier based on the proposed bulk biasing control circuit shows to be a high-efficiency one capable of reducing the leakage currents. To obtain experimental results, the circuit was fabricated in a 130 nm CMOS process and tested on a micromanipulator. The results were compared with other works where it is observed that the efficiency of our proposal reaches up to 72.5% or 5% higher that the best previous one.

Author Biographies

Raimundo Carlos Silvério Freire, Federal University of Campina Grande

Department of Electrical Engineering

Cleonilson Protásio de Souza, Federal University of Paraíba

Department of Electrical Engineering