New Motion Estimation Algorithms and its VLSI architectures for Real Time High Definition Video Coding


  • Gustavo Sanchez
  • Marcelo Porto
  • Diego Noble
  • Sergio Bampi
  • Luciano Agostini



Motion Estimation, High Definition, VLSI Architecture


This paper presents an efficient hardware design using the new Motion Estimation (ME) algorithms named: Multi-point Diamond Search (MPDS) and Dynamic Multi-Point Diamond Search (DMPDS). These algorithms are more efficient to avoid from local minima falls than traditional fast algorithms.This fact contributes to increase the quality of the motion vectors, especially in High Definition (HD) videos, were the number of local minima are considerable higher. Two versions of MPDS algorithm were proposed. The first one, focused on high performance, is capable to process videos QFHD at 30 frames per second when synthesized to Altera Stratix 4 and 90nm TSCM, with only 18mW. The second version is focused on quality enhancement and is capable to process HD 1080p videos in real time. The DMPDS architecture has been developed focusing on high performance and was synthesized to Altera stratix 4. This architecture is capable to process videos QFHD at 34 frames per second. In comparison to related works, our solutions obtained the highest processing rates, and a good trade-off among power consumption, area, memory bits and performance.






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