A 65nm CMOS 60 GHz Class F-E Power Amplifier for WPAN Applications


  • N. Deltimple
  • S. Dréan
  • E. Kerhervé
  • B. Martineau
  • D. Belot




millimeter wave power amplifiers, Class E operation, high efficiency


This work presents a two-stage 60 GHz Power Amplifier designed in a 65nm CMOS technology dedicated to low cost Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) applications. In order to provide a high efficiency operation, the PA is based on a Class E power stage. A Class F driver stage is also designed to provide a square waveform signal to the Class-E power stage. To realize the output networks of both driver and power stage at 60 GHz, distributed elements are used instead of lumped elements. The post-layout simulation results show a saturated output power of 15 dBm with a peak PAE of 26% at 60 GHz. It achieves a gain of 15dB at 60 GHz.

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