A Novel Pseudo NMOS Integrated CC -ISFET Device for Water Quality Monitoring


  • Pawan Whig
  • Syed Naseem Ahmad




Calibration, Simulation, Monitoring, Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor, Frequency compensation, Low power


The paper presents a performance analysis of Novel CMOS Integrated Pseudo NMOS CC –ISFET (PNCC-ISFET) having zero static power dissipation. The main focus is on simulation of power and performance analysis along with the comparison with existing devices, which are used for water quality monitoring. This approach can improve calibration of device to a fairly wide range without the use of a high speed digital processor. The conventional devices generally used, consume high power and are not stable for long term monitoring. The conventional devices have a drawback of low value of slew rate, high power consumption, and non linear characteristics. In the proposed design(PNCC-ISFET) due to zero static power, low value of load capacitance on input signals, faster switching, use of fewer transistors and higher circuit density the device exhibits a better slew rate, piece-wise linear characteristic, and is seen consuming low power of the order of 30mW. The functionality of the circuit is tested using Tanner simulator version 15 for a 70nm CMOS process model. The proposed circuit reduces total power consumption per cycle, increases speed of operation, is fairly linear and simple to implement. This device has a simple architecture, and hence is very suitable for water quality monitoring applications.