Negative High Voltage DC-DC Converter Using a New Cross-Coupled Structure


  • Jun Zhao
  • Kyung Ki Kim
  • Yong-Bin Kim



Charge pump, DC/DC converter, Switched-capacitor power converter, Voltage multiplier


In this paper, a negative high voltage DC-DC converter using a new cross-coupled charge pump structure has been proposed, which can solve the shoot-through current problem of the conventional charge pump by using a four clock phase scheme. Also, by switching the power supply to each stage based on the supply voltage, a variable voltage gain can be obtained. A complete analysis of the interaction between the power efficiency, area, and frequency have been presented. The proposed negative charge pump is designed to deliver 40μA with a wide
supply range from 2.5V to 5.5V using 0.18μm high voltage LDMOS technology.

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