A Simulation Methodology for Wirebonds Interconnects of Radiofrequency Integrated Circuits


  • Hercílio M. Cavalcanti
  • Leandro Manera




RF IC Design, 3d EM Simulation, Wirebonds


This work presents a methodology for the simulation of bonding wires under the circumstance when signals with RF frequencies are employed and thus, the impedances of the parasitic resistances, capacitances and inductances of these interconnections are no longer negligible. A s-parameters extraction strategy for each of the wirebonds will be shown with the help of Agilent’s EM simulator ADS resulting in a netlist in spectre which will be used in the test-bench of the designed IC to emulate the behavior of the bondwires and thus making possible a proper dimensioning and tuning of the RF chip to ensure a better performance of the encapsulated RF IC. Finally the design example of a power amplifier is proposed and some aspects of the interaction of this block with the wirebonds are studied.

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