A Novel Built-in Self Calibration Technique to Minimize Capacitor Mismatch for 12-bit 32MS/s SAR ADC


  • Inseok Jung
  • Kyung Ki Kim
  • Yong-Bin Kim




Built-in Self Calibration, SAR, Analog-to-Digital Converter


This paper proposes a novel Built-in Self Calibration (BISC) technique for a 12-bit 32MS/s successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using a single input to reduce the capacitor mismatch of the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and to compensate the comparator input offset voltage. The proposed self-calibration scheme optimize the mismatch of the DAC by changing additional auxiliary capacitor array during calibration mode. In addition, in order to minimize the offset voltage of the comparator in the SAR ADC, a simplified voltage amplifier is proposed. The controller for the proposed algorithm operates as foreground operation to achieve low power consumption during operation. Compared to the converters that use the conventional procedure, INL and DNL are reduced by about 47% and 52%, respectively. The prototype was designed using 130nm single poly 6 metal standard CMOS technology. The ADC achieves a SNDR of 65.6 dB and consumes 4.62 mW. The ADC core occupies an active area of only 240μmÍ 298 μm using 1.2V supply and the sampling rate of 50 MS/s.