Development of MCM-D Technology with Photosensitive Benzocyclobutene


  • Cristina B. Adamo
  • Alexander Flacker
  • Hercílio M. Cavalcanti
  • Ricardo C. Teixeira
  • Antonio L. P. Rotondaro
  • Leandro T. Manera



MCM-D, Passive devices, photosensitive benzocyclobutene, Thin films, RF characterization


This paper evaluates and compares the development of Multi-Chip Module Deposited (MCM-D) technology using photosensitive benzocyclobutene (BCB) with the non-photosensitive BCB to fabricate passive devices. The polymer was used to isolate the metal/interconnection layers and also as the dielectric for the capacitors. Ni-P/Au was used as the conductor film and Ta2N as the resistor film. The resistors’ sheet resistance was measured with both transfer length method (TLM) and direct measurement while the measurements of the capacitors and inductors required the use of a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and some mathematical algorithms.

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