Drop-casted Graphene Oxide Love wave sensor for detection of humidity and VOCs


  • I. Nikolaou
  • H. Hallil
  • B. Plano
  • G. Deligeorgis
  • V. Conedera
  • H. Garcia
  • C. Dejous
  • D. Rebière




Humidity sensor, Gas sensor, Graphene Oxide (GO), Love wave sensor, VOCs detection


The rising demand for sensitive analytical techniques have led to a great deal of research interest in the recent years, which has also generated much public awareness of health risks caused by environmental humidity and air pollution. This study reports advancements in highly-sensitive detection methods using Love wave devices fabricated from Graphene Oxide (GO). Under this, solutions of GO were prepared and used to achieve improved efficiency of the oxidation process and enhance the sensitivity of Relative Humidity (RH) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) detections. This work demonstrates that the detection limit of RH could be set very low due to the certain sensitivity levels. Similarly, GO prepared by us exhibited low detection limit for VOCs, proving the multi-functionality of GO rather than alternative sensing materials. The experiments conducted at room temperature and realized fast response and recovery times. This Love wave sensor provides high accuracy under full scale exposure of target analytes. Eventually, these ultrasensitive GO based devices can pave the way for a wide range of high-sensitivity detection applications.