A Defects Simulator for Robustness Analysis of QCA Circuits


  • Dayane Alfenas Reis
  • Frank Sill Torres




QCA, robustness, defects modeling, clock shifts


Although QCA (Quantum-dot Cellular Automata) is a promising nanotechnology to replace CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor), it has several known reliability problems. Consequently, the design of robust QCA structures is a mandatory step towards the consolidation of this new technology. This paper presents a novel methodology for error analysis of QCA structures based on deterministic and random insertion of possible defects to either the cells and to the phase shifts of the clocking circuit. Further features presented are an evaluation of structures robustness and identification of the design elements most susceptible to the defects. Simulation results obtained from the implemented QCA Defects Simulator indicate the feasibility of the proposed error exploration methodology, also revealing starting-points for robustness improvements of known QCA structures.

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