A Physics-Oriented Parameter Extraction Method for MOSFET Libraries Generation


  • Lester de Abreu Faria
  • Roberto d'Amore




Semiconductor device modeling, Field Effect Transistors, parameter extraction


A novel method for MOSFET parameter extraction based on EKV 2.6 model is presented. The proposed method improves and updates the previous ones found in literature, since it describes setups and equations for the extraction of intrinsic DC parameters, not requiring any fitting procedures or optimization steps, as demanded by the previous ones. The physical approach used in the analysis allowed the achievement of these features, leading to the generation of libraries valid in all operating regions. Due to this approach, the method can be applied to new technologies or to harsh environments (such as cryogenic temperatures), where commercial libraries are not yet available. Validations of the method were done with data extracted from BSIM3v3 simulated curves, at room temperatures, and with experimental curves of an AMS 0.35μm transistor at 77K. In both cases, the EKV 2.6 generated libraries were able to reproduce the transistors behavior with errors less than 6%.