Fabrication and Characterization of 60 Channel Microelectrode Arrays for Recording and Stimulation from Cardiac Cells in Culture


  • Vanessa Pereira Gomes
  • Angelica Denardi de Barros
  • João-Batista Destro-Filho
  • Sergio Martinoia
  • Alberto Pasquarelli
  • Jacobus W. Swart




Microelectrodes, Microfabrication, Cell, Recording, Stimulation


Stimulation and recording of nerve cells is a procedure used for several applications, such as clinical therapies, study of basic neuroscience, and neural prostheses. Microtechnology and advances in material science have allowed to produce more sophisticated devices and with more functions. This paper focuses on the fabrication of planar 60 – channel Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs). The electrical characterization of the noise level from the TiN electrodes showed good sensitivity to noise, compatible with commercial systems. These electrodes received an artificial electrocardiogram signal (ECG) from a function generator and registered the same input signal but with lower amplitude. Finally, both cyclic voltammetry curves of the produced MEA and the commercial MEA exhibited similar shape, but the current density of the first one was significantly higher than in MCS – MEA, with an order difference of magnitude.