Electrospun Polymeric Fibers Coated With Pd As A Sensitive Layer For Hydrogen Detection


  • Ana Neilde R. da Silva
  • Sebastião Gomes dos Santos Filho
  • Marcelo Bariatoo A. Fontes




electrospinning, nanofiber, electroless deposition, sensors, hydrogen


Polymeric fibers can be used in several fields of research and technology depending on the type of polymer and the diameter of the fiber used. One of the most important features inherent to fibers is the large surface area that can be explored in applications like sensors. The electrospun fibers could be modified depositing metals by means of the electroless deposition technique in order to be used as sensitive layer. In this work is presented a gas sensor that has a sensitive layer made by polymeric fibers covered with palladium deposited by the electroless technique. The polymeric fibers were electrospun over a gold comb structure fabricated onto a silicon substrate with a distance between fingers of 50 μm. The fabricated sensors were reproducible with relative resistance response of 0.35% for H2 concentration of 100ppm under a controlled temperature of 25oC, which means a sensor capable of measuring residual concentrations.