An UHF RFID tag characterization methodology including a low-Bcaosqsute rao,n Cdab rleoraw, S-ousa complexity SDR platform for information extraction


  • Juán Sebastián Moya Baquero
  • Fabian L. Cabrera
  • Fernando Rangel de Sousa



RFID Characterization, RFID Test Methodology, Software-Defined Radio, GNU-Radio, Instrumentation


RFID concepts have been evolving for more than fifty years, nevertheless it was until the last decade that this technology settled as one of the leading commercial solutions being applied on, for example tracking, access management and document registration applications, among others. This technology has brought many benefits to the users, like automation processes, inventory time reduction and information transmission reliability. However, before commercializing the RFIDs, test and characterization procedures must be executed in order to provide the correct information to the user. Unfortunately, lack of characterization methodology standards, high cost and high-complexity test equipment are recurrently dis-advantages. This work presents an RFID characterization methodology that uses a low-cost and handy RF signal platform for Electronic Product Code (EPC) time extraction.