Memristors: A Journey from Material Engineering to Beyond Von-Neumann Computing


  • Cesar de Souza Dias Instituto Federal Sul-Rio-grandense
  • Paulo Francisco Butzen Universidade Federal do Rio Grande



memristors, devices, models, applications


Memristors are a promising building block to the next generation of computing systems. Since 2008, when the physical implementation of a memristor was first postulated, the scientific community has shown a growing interest in this emerging technology. Thus, many other memristive devices have been studied, exploring a large variety of materials and properties. Furthermore, in order to support the design of practical applications, models in different abstract levels have been developed. In fact, a substantial effort has been devoted to the development of memristive based applications, which includes high-density nonvolatile memories, digital and analog circuits, as well as bio-inspired computing. In this context, this paper presents a survey, in hopes of summarizing the highlights of the literature in the last decade.

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Special Issue on Future Trends in Nanocomputing