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  • Franks Sill Torres German Aerospace Center (DLR) - Germany
  • Omar Paranaiba Vilela Neto Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) - Brazil



Nanocomputing, Emerging Technology, IC Design, Digital Design, Logic Synthesis


This special edition presents seven invited works that focus on different aspects of the design with emerging technologies. With silicon facing barriers to the future development of traditional CMOS technology, it is now time to think ahead and look for new alternatives that can add exciting new characteristics to future applications. In this sense, new materials and substrates must be investigated. Some of them enable the development of fast and low power switching devices that represents digital state by different physical properties, such as optical excitation, magnetic field, and phase state. Associated with that, new non-von Neumann computing architectures can be explored, including computing-in-memory that minimizes the problems associated to data transfer between memory and logic units. In the following, we present a short description of the papers appearing in this Special Issue.

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Special Issue on Future Trends in Nanocomputing