Bio-Inspired On-Chip Antenna Array for ISM Band60 GHz Application


  • Paulo Fernandes Silva Júnior Universidade Estadual do Maranhão
  • Ewaldo Santana
  • Mauro Sergio Silva Pinto UEMA
  • Alexandre Serres
  • Camila Caroline Rodrigues de Albuquerque UFCG
  • Raimundo Freire



On-chip, aperture-coupled antenna array, bio-inspired flower-shape, industrial scientific and medical band


A flower-shape bio-inspired aperture-coupled antenna array for on-chip application, generated by Gielis formula, operating in industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band at 60 GHz (57 GHZ to 64 GHz) is presented in this paper. The antenna proposed is composed of a transmission feed line followed by an aperture and patch element built in aluminum, with 2 micrometers of thickness, lying on two layers of silicon with 200 micrometers of thickness each. Dimensions of the antennas were calculated according to the effective wavelength for the resonance frequency at 60 GHz. Simulations were performed in the commercial software ANSYS® Electronics Desktop. The use of the bio-inspired flower-shape promotes more compact structures with greater perimeter, rearranging these shapes into an antenna array provided a gain and a bandwidth increase in the design, 3.11dBi and 2.86GHz, respectively, which resulted in a maximum gain of 8.82 dBi and a total bandwidth of 5.88 GHz.