FinFET SRAM cell with improved stability and power for low power applications.


  • Shilpi Birla Manipal University Jaipur



Double-gate FETs, CMOSFET Circuits, SRAM cells, Thresh-old voltage, Leakage currents.


In this paper, a new 11T SRAM cell using Double gate FET (FinFET technology) has been proposed, cell basic component is the 6T SRAM cell with 4 NMOS access transistors to improve the stability over CMOSFET circuits and also makes it a dual port memory cell. The proposed cell also used a header scheme in which one extra PMOS transistor is used which is biased at different voltages to improve the read and write stability which helps in reducing the leakage current, active power. The cell shows improvement in RSNM (Read Static Noise Margin) with LP8T by 2.39x at threshold and subthreshold voltage 2.68x with D6T SRAM cell, 5.5x with TG8T. The WSNM (Write Static Noise Margin) and HM (Hold Margin) of the SRAM cell at 0.9V is 306mV and 384mV.At subthreshold operation also, it shows improvement. The Leakage power reduced by 0.125x with LP8T, 0.022x with D6T SRAM cell, TG8T and SE8T. Impact of process variation on cell stability also been analyzed.