Impact in the Parallel Processing of IHM-Plasma Using the Earliest-Deadline-First Algorithm for the Task-Scheduler Realized by Hardware


  • Igor Krause Centro Universitário da FEI
  • Leandro Poloni Dantas
  • Salvador Pinillos Gimenez



Microkernel by Hardware, Parallel Processing, Microprocessors, Earliest-Deadline-First Algorithm


Abstract—This work studies the impact in the parallel processing of the Interlocked-Hardware-Microkernel (IHM) Plasma microprocessor (IHM-Plasma) by implementing the Earliest-Deadline-First (EDF) algorithm by hardware in the task-scheduler block that belongs to those task-based operational systems, such as that related to the real-time operational systems (RTOS). IHM-Plasma presents Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture. The main results have observed by this study show that the IHM-Plasma running the EDF algorithm by hardware has increased the tasks executed per second in 174% while running a task-based operational system with 14 active tasks in comparison to the original Plasma running the EDF algorithm by software. The developed work has great potential use in Hard Real-Time Systems and others where a rigid control of deadlines is essential and hold many tasks.