A Novel Topology of Nonisolated DC-DC High Step up Converters for Solar PV Power Plants


  • Seyed Milad Hosseinikavkani Islamic Azad University, Kharg - Iran
  • Reza Sedaghati Islamic Azad University, Beyza - Iran
  • Amir Ghaedi Islamic Azad University, Dariun - Iran


DC-DC converter, nonisolated, CCM, photovoltaic, power plants


The present study proposes a new nonisolated DC-DC high step-up converter for solar PV power plant applications using the voltage boosting technique. The output voltage gain of this converter is high and the voltage stress on the switch and diodes is acceptable. The proposed converter has a switch for easier control. Moreover, to achieve higher reliability, the converter uses a common ground between the load and source. Voltage stress analysis, proper component selection, and converter evaluation are performed in continuous conduction mode (CCM). Simulation results verify the theoretical concept.