Non-uniformity correction in a Long Wave Infrared Focal Plane Array as a calibration temperature function


  • Augusto Cezar Gomes dos Santos ITA
  • Gustavo Soares Vieira Instituto de Estudos Avançados (IEAv/CTA)
  • Ruy Morgado de Castro Instituto de Estudos Avançados (IEAv/CTA)



Focal Plane Array, Long Wave Infrared, Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference, Signal Transfer Function, Uniformity


Despite of the manufactory process, all detector or pixel in a Focal Plane Array (FPA) has a different responsivity and offset when evaluated. These variations result in a specific kind of noise, called Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) or spatial noise. During the image processing, those pixels who has a large deviation in responsivity or in their noise are considered bad pixels, and have their influence removed during the exhibition of a scene. Knowing the answer of all those pixels are the first test procedure in an FPA characterization. However, during the Non-uniformity correction and bad pixel replacement it is necessary to choose two reference temperatures, calibration points, and those temperature affects important parameters such as Uniformity, Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) and Signal Transfer Function (SiTF). This work will study the calibration temperature influence on the Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) quality by comparing uniformity, bad pixel number, NETD and SiTF values during characterizations.

Author Biographies

Gustavo Soares Vieira, Instituto de Estudos Avançados (IEAv/CTA)

Divisao de Física Aplicada; Instituto de Estudos Avançados (IEAv/CTA); São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil

Ruy Morgado de Castro, Instituto de Estudos Avançados (IEAv/CTA)

Divisao de C4ISR; Instituto de Estudos Avançados (IEAv/CTA); São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil