An Innovative Architecture of DRAM PUF


  • Abhishek Kumar Lovely Professional University
  • Manoj Sindhwani Lovely Professional University
  • Shippu Sachdeva Lovely Professional University



PUF, Hardware Security, Threates, Sense Amplifier, DRAM


Cryptographic solutions based on traditional authentication methods are susceptible to several attacks on secret keys. Dynamic random access memory (DRAM)-based physical unclonable functions (PUF) are described as promising security building blocks to enable cryptography and authentication services. PUFs frequently suffer reliability concerns since they are sensitive to both internal and exterior noises. The need for enhanced resistance and dependability results in significant additional overheads. In this work, we proposed a DRAM-PUF based on the inclusion of selective hardware features in the computation. The proposed solution offers a higher number of challenge-response pairs (CRP) without additional circuitry. An innovative structure of PUF is presented in the paper which offers a reliable challenge-response pair module for authentication and authorization based on the ubiquitous nature of memory without the need for an additional circuit. DRAM PUF utilized the random startup value initialized by a capacitor followed by a random number generator. Our proposed PUF shows a reliability of 99.46% with temperature variation, a reliability of 99.5% with supply voltage variation, a uniqueness of 49.46%, a bit aliasing of 46.875%, and a uniformity of 47.65%.