Improved GaN-based Current Aperture Vertical Electron Transistor (CAVET)


  • HADJEM Dalila Abou Beker Belkaid University - Tlemcen - Algeria
  • Zakarya KOURDI Algerian Space Agency - ASAL
  • Imane FOUR Abou Beker Belkaid University - Tlemcen - Algeria
  • KERAI Salim Abou Beker Belkaid University - Tlemcen - Algeria
  • KHAOUANI Mohammed Hassiba BenBouali University - Chlef - Algeria



power application, Tcad silvaco, AlGaN/GaN, CAVET


The objectives of this research are to improve and optimize a vertically structure HEMT device based on AlGaN/GaN heterojunctions. This novel proposed structure with double gate command would allow for a better dispersion of the electric field, with peaks lower and farther from the surface than a lateral structure. The research focuses on estimating the performance of a GaN-based vertical structure called a "Current Aperture Vertical Electron Transistor (CAVET)" that combines a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) and a vertical structure with technology, operation, settings, and performance that can be seen in power applications. Performance operating at high frequencies and low power loss consumer, a device that will, therefore, lead function to best in electrical power and higher system efficiency with IDss equal 0.95 A, -6 V for pinch-off, fT/fMax are 110/250 GHz and 14 % for Drain-lag.