Pre-processing of ECG signal based on multistage filters


  • Mohammed Waheed University of Kerbala - Iraq



electrocardiogram signal, baseline wander noise, electromyogram noise.


In this paper, a new approach was adopted in order to remove the artifacts present in the raw ECG signal. To realizing this process a multiple types of filters for a variety of types of noises have been applied to obtain the lowest possible noise. Initially, the ECG signal was filtered from the electromyography signal, and then the filtered signal was passed again on another filter for the purpose of removing its drift from the baseline. The effectiveness of the suggested approach has been assessed in comparison to the conventional ECG signal. Results of this study showed significantly less signaling noise than was present in the conventional signal. Overall, the signal to noise ratio and the mean square error of the filtered ECG reached 15.72 and 0.006, respectively, in the filtered signal of one of the ECG recordings.